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The Ultimate Collection of Real Estate Memes

Are you tired of hearing about the coronavirus pandemic? We know we are. That's why we've put together the ultimate collection of real estate memes. These hilarious and relatable images will have you laughing and...

Are you tired of hearing about the coronavirus pandemic? We know we are. That's why we've put together the ultimate collection of real estate memes. These hilarious and relatable images will have you laughing and sharing them with your friends and colleagues on social media. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a good laugh!

50 AgentFire Original Memes

Agent Referrals Work on your sphere of influence, people.

This is Fine It’s really not a suggestion.

Congratulations Condescending FSBO You’ll find my contact information at the back.

Any Day Now I think it’s safe to say that your listing has… expired.

Stark Success See what happens when you trust your realtor?

Eject Let me just quickly eject that question into the abyss so it never comes up again.

Are You Serious? That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been saying for the past 30 minutes!

Zestimate Zucks Please stop talking.

Depreciated Is that a high-speed police chase I hear?

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I Was Told There Would Be Leads You should have used AgentFire’s websites instead - they are affordable lead generation machines. Not free forever, but it is for the first 10 days!

I Want You I don’t just ask ANYONE to join my brokerage…

Rookie Agent Perfect! Now it matches my driver’s license.

Staging is Hard Well, it’s going to take a special kind of buyer, but you’re a special client. I’ll make it work.

I Am the Chieftain Hey, if it holds you accountable - own it!

It’s All About That Prep, Baby! It’s all about that prep, baby! Want to be the one that grabs the listing over everybody else? Check out How to Prepare the Perfect Listing Presentation and run that listing all the way to the bank!

Well, Why Don’t You Get Your License Then Get Back to Me After 6 Months? Well why don’t you get your license then get back to me after 6 months?

It Made Me, But I Barely Made It! It made me, but I barely made it!

Kyle, I Don’t Care If Your Mom’s Best Friend’s Cousin’s Nephew Watches Million Dollar Listing Like, Everyday. Let Me Explain How This Works. Kyle, I don’t care if your mom’s best friend’s cousin’s nephew watches Million Dollar Listing like, everyday. Let me explain how this works.

It Definitely Pulls Off That “Rich and Dark History” Vibe It definitely pulls off that “rich and dark history” vibe.

It Almost Makes Up for Your Trip to Cancun the Week Before Closing It almost makes up for your trip to Cancun the week before closing.

Can I Have a Glass with That Whine? Can I have a glass with that whine?

Give Some Love to Your “Portfolio Clients” - The People Who Believed in You Before You Had 5 Stars on Google Reviews Give some love to your “portfolio clients” - the people who believed in you before you had 5 stars on Google Reviews.

You Sure About That, Buddy? You sure about that, buddy?

This Is Why I Have Trust Issues This is why I have trust issues.

Don’t Be a “Seasonal Millionaire.” If You Want to Live Fancy All Year Round, It’s Time to Treat Yourself Like a Business Don’t be a “seasonal millionaire.” If you want to live fancy all year round, it’s time to treat yourself like a business.

Maaaybe I Should Say Something… Maaaybe I should say something…

This Doesn’t Have to Be Your Life Forever. Start Delegating This doesn’t have to be your life forever. Start delegating.

Hate to Break It to You, Kid… Hate to break it to you, kid…

They Don’t Make Real Estate Pants with Pockets That Big… They don’t make real estate pants with pockets that big…

Don’t Settle for Less. Get More Out of Your Lead Generation Strategy Don’t settle for less. Get more out of your lead generation strategy.

Listen Guys, We Gotta Do This for Our New Website. Stop Messin’ Around! Listen guys, we gotta do this for our new website. Stop messin’ around!

Dear Clients: They’ll Cost You More in the End Dear clients: they’ll cost you more in the end.

“To Me, Adventure Has Always Been to Me the Connections and Bounds You Create with People When You’re There. And You Can Have That Anywhere.” - Bear Grylls “To me, adventure has always been to me the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there. And you can have that anywhere.” - Bear Grylls

The Night is Dark and Full of Buyers… The night is dark and full of buyers…

Don’t Be That Guy… Then Again, We’re All That Guy During the Current Quarantine Don’t be that guy… then again, we’re all that guy during the current quarantine.

I Would Classify That as a “Near-Death Experience” I would classify that as a “near-death experience”.

There’s Been No Greater Opportunity Than What We Have Today There’s been no greater opportunity than what we have today.

“I Just Want This to Be a Stress-Free and Enjoyable Process for You.” “I just want this to be a stress-free and enjoyable process for you.”

This Is a Great Time to Work on Your Real Estate Blog! Here Are Some Ideas to Get You Started This is a great time to work on your real estate blog! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Just to Be Safe - Write That Catnip Up as a Business Expense and Cover All Your Bases Just to be safe - write that catnip up as a business expense and cover all your bases.

The Fact That This Happens So Often Should Have It Be Called a Transgression, Not a Mistake The fact that this happens so often should have it be called a transgression, not a mistake.

I’m Not Really Sure That Aztec Bust Contributes to the Modern, Minimalist Style of the Apartment… I’m not really sure that Aztec bust contributes to the modern, minimalist style of the apartment…

Can I Have a Referral with My Coffee? Can I have a referral with my coffee?

It’s Like Planting Crops and Never Harvesting Them… It’s like planting crops and never harvesting them…

Too Soon? Too soon?

People Gotta Stop Doing That People gotta stop doing that.

Luxury Real Estate Agents Need That Gucci on Their Bags Too Luxury real estate agents need that Gucci on their bags too.

You’re Not My Friend. You’re My Brother. You’re not my friend. You’re my brother.

Need Some Scripts? Need some scripts?

So that’s it for our original memes! The next 50 is a curation that pays homage to the most real real estate memes on the internets. We’ve got a couple of MVPs in the line-up, but rest assured that all of the following memes have been subjected to the rigorous “chuckle test” by our staff.

50 Most Popular Real Estate Memes

Budget vs Expectation I’ll do what I can with the resources you’ve provided.

Hey, I’ve Got Some Good News… You have my card, right?

You Have My Card, Right? It’s like the air your open house guests drink when you forget to provide refreshments.

It’s Like the Air Your Open House Guests Drink When You Forget to Provide Refreshments Well, I sure hope you’re super proud of yourself.

Well, I Sure Hope You’re Super Proud of Yourself Do you want to know how I do it? Read this article.

Do You Want to Know How I Do It? Read This Article Looking for a home in a galaxy far, far away? No problem! We got a franchise there.

Looking for a Home in a Galaxy Far, Far Away? No Problem! We Got a Franchise There Found on page 76, 3 months later.

Found on Page 76, 3 Months Later For safety purposes, read them these scripts.

For Safety Purposes, Read Them These Scripts Well, as a broker…

Well, as a Broker... I find it inspiring that you’re letting machine learning practice with your home.

I Find It Inspiring That You’re Letting Machine Learning Practice With Your Home It’s rare, but there are some good people in this world. What a relevant meme.

It’s Rare, But There Are Some Good People in This World. What a Relevant Meme Let me go over these slides one last time…

Let Me Go Over These Slides One Last Time... This is how you get ahead.

This Is How You Get Ahead When you’re back in the real world, call me.

When You’re Back in the Real World, Call Me We just talked about this in the car!

We Just Talked About This in the Car! If I charged by the hour, you’d still be renting.

If I Charged by the Hour, You’d Still Be Renting This is a quote from a musical called “Assassins” by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman. Bet you didn’t know that.

I Was Like You Once. Lost. Confused. I was like you once. Lost. Confused.

Unless That REALTOR® Is Me Unless that REALTOR® is me.

You Should. Here’s Why (And How) You should. Here’s why (and how).

Tell Me Again How You Can Do My Job Tell me again how you can do my job.

Nothing Beats a Portfolio of an Entire Neighborhood Nothing beats a portfolio of an entire neighborhood.

Now I Know You Blocked Me on Facebook Now I know you blocked me on Facebook.

Has Anyone Else Showered With Their Phone in a Ziplock Bag? Anybody? Has anyone else showered with their phone in a ziplock bag? Anybody?

You Get What You Pay For, Pal! You get what you pay for, pal!

The Staging Crew Is Just Going to Love This The staging crew is just going to love this.

I’m Not Nervous! You’re Nervous! I’m not nervous! You’re nervous!

Listen Buddy, I Can Be a Lot of Things, But I’ll Need You to Manage Your Expectations Here Listen buddy, I can be a lot of things but I’ll need you to manage your expectations here.

Right?! The Moment I Walked in That Door, It Was Like Electricity Right?! The moment I walked in that door, it was like electricity.

If It No Longer Makes Sense, Walk Away If it no longer makes sense, walk away.

It’s Better to Do This Now Than Later! It’s better to do this now than later!

Is Your House Fine? Is your house fine?

Hide the Cat Too. Buyers Have Biases Hide the cat too. Buyers have biases.

It Gets So Bad That I Would Actually Suggest Having a Designated Driver It gets so bad that I would actually suggest having a designated driver.

So there you have it, the ultimate collection of real estate memes! We hope these memes brought a smile to your face and brightened your day. If you have any other real estate memes that you'd like to share, let us know in the comments. And if you want to stay up to date on all of our free and valuable content, subscribe to our newsletter. We publish valuable articles and guides regularly to help you become a more effective real estate marketer.

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